Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

chiller operation bad

It’s the summer, and it’s hot, and humid, over the last few days it have been around 32 Deg C. And air conditioning systems across the region will be working overtime to keep your building cool.

In Hong Kong and sub-tropical regions, Air Conditioning is the largest and most expensive portion of energy expenditure, it can be 60% of the energy cost for a building owner.

We investigated the central chilled water system operation, and the neat chart above clearly illustrates our findings, the second chiller (BLACK LINE) was found to be frequently stopping and re-starting throughout the day,  no wonder the energy costs were rising. Our energy audit uncovered this no cost EMO that it will save approx. 1.2 million Hong Kong dollars per year.

chiller operation savings

Using the conversion factor (Hong Kong) of 0.7 kgCO²e/kwh that equates to saving approximately 1,400 tonnes CO²e  (carbon equivalent)  but really, what does that figure mean? That is equivalent to planting 60,000 trees per year.

It’s a good example for the 30% club, there countless organisations and individuals who tout upto 30% savings to entice more sales, and not something we would ever subscribe.

Sure, 30% might sound like an impressive number, its a marketing gimmick, because no baseline is given. If your commercial building consumed 3GJ/sqm/pa would a 30% saving a good deal? To find out the answer, ask energyLAB experts!

In this case, hard work delivered real results, with real savings, without vague possible savings promises.