Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

air handling unit energy waste, energyLAB Hong kong

The AHU pictured above is failing to deliver adequate service, We found the entire surface of the unit and frame is covered in condensate, forget about the mess, it is expensive wasting energy 18 hours per day instead of cooling the air inside the unit. In fact it is the first step of every energy audit,  evaluate the equipment! Sure it’s hard work, and therefore often overlooked.  Take a closer look examine the inside of the AHU’s, we have identified numerous problems including loose drive belts, blocked cooling coils, missing air filters, missing door seals, air duct leakage, perished flexible connections, code violations, combustible materials and much more.

The important issue for an energy auditor is to identify and record any deficiency that lowers the operating efficiency of the air conditioning plant and fix it……….so what is the condition of  your AHU plant?

— John A. Herbert, Consultant