Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

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Having your business undergo an energy audit is a great way to spot where you could save money, and improve the energy efficiency of your business.

Like your finance accountant checks assets and liabilities, your energy accountant tracks down your energy debits and credits,  identifies where your energy losses occur, and then provide recommendations to plug unwanted leaks.

Its a Fact

One firm faithfully paid fuel bills until they accidentally noticed that the fuel bills had ballooned by more than 200% , nobody knew, and nobody noticed. The bills were paid on demand, on time, without question.  This is not uncommon “energy”  is generally viewed as a fixed overhead, and paying bills a chore.  A business wouldn’t operate a for a month without oversight from their financial accountant, yet they operate for several years without any oversight of their energy or an energy accountant.


In other countries Carbon (read energy consumption) is already regulated. Even EPA (USA) are considering the introducing of compulsory emission reporting for manufacturing facilities. In addition to the extra regulatory issues, your carbon emission, and therefore your energy efficiency, would be a public record which competitors may use to their advantage.

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by John Herbert
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