Sat. Sep 25th, 2021


COP21 commences today, with leaders from 200 counties meeting in Paris, and buildings, for the first time, will be in focus, a milestone indeed.

Its important for Hong Kong where buildings consume 90% of the electricity generated, equating to about 63% of the cities carbon load. But bear in mind that Hong Kong is a high density city, with little industry left, it is almost entirely a service economy, but in terms of emissions although Hong Kong is a well developed economy, it is counted as part of China.

So in principle idea, limiting atmospheric temperature rise to less than 2 Deg C, is a moot point really, since we half way already, the first 1 Deg C rise has already occurred. But the focus on buildings is timely, not only for Hong Kong, but across Asia, where energy efficiency building operations is low priority for most.

hotel energy auditing expert

I have yet to see any silver bullet solution, or even close, what is required is dedicated hard work, simultaneously on several fronts, to lower emissions, and then keep them low. Look at this year, 2015 has been the hottest year on record so far, all other factors being equal, your air conditioning energy consumption and bills will be highest on record too.

You have already have a full plate, right? You staff to manage, administrative work to handle, shareholders to satisfy,  profit targets to achieve, and competitors taking your market share, etc. but can you really afford to leave money on the table? Your competitors energy savings has give them extra cash, maybe it funded a killer marketing campaign. You may not know it but you need expert help starting right now!

If you know buildings as well as we do, then you know there are countless opportunities to manage and reduce your energy consumption. It cant be once a year, or once every ten year effort, you need to continuous manage energy, the same as other aspects of your business and one of the easiest ways to manage these buildings is by installing the quietest portable generators.