Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

energyLAB participated in the China International Environmental and Energy Efficiency event held as part of CISMEF 2010 Guangzhou, China in Sept. 2010. Our booth was located in Guangzhou Exhibition center Hall 4.2 with HAESCO and another HAESCO member Euro-tech.

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Unlike other events, this was focused more towards SME business, which has been largely left out of the EE arena, since most of government effort has been focused on State Owned Enterprise (SOE) and there industries.
Indeed we were fortunate to meet a number of vendors actively promoting EE and green products, and clients seeking improved energy efficiency solutions.

energy conservation energylab energy consultant china

Energy auditing and energy assessments are still far from common place in China, and getting the message of fuel savings, results in cost and environmental savings is by no means an simple task. It is clear that advanced fuel saving designs including free cooling, heat recovery, and thermal storage need detailed explanation, and often met with disbelief.

Much if not all of this critical sector has expanded rapidly and is too focused on new/clean technology  in my view.  The holy grail for energy and environmental protection, it is not clean technology.  Sure, new technologies have been introduced such as LED lighting, and is gaining ground.

However, smart energy solutions depend on the correct application and operation, and if the operators burn electricity using LED lighting on all day because is consumes a little energy, we will be back to square one very shortly.  Facilities engineering solutions are not sexy, they often have no cost – those are the best solutions.

Additionally, one single technology will not be able to solve every type of problem, a classic example is the IMM (Injection Moulding Machine ) common across South China and the PRD.  Each machine has a heating, cooling, and hydraulic pumping components, and the energy conservation strategies would be different and dependent on the component.  Combining or bundling different solutions together, needs talented a consultant.

John Herbert energyLAB Consultant