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energyLAB is a firm of specialist energy consultants provides a full range of energy services and energy auditing services to help and assist reducing energy consumption, and the environmental impact of doing business.

Improving the energy efficiency for your facility and your operations is the fastest, and most cost effective first step towards achieving lower costs lower carbon, and sustainability. Energy efficiency helps control your rising energy costs, reduces your carbon footprint, and adds value to your operation. Our specialities include:

Experience Matters

Our breath of energy experience includes shopping malls, shopping centres, commercial office buildings, sports centres, hotels, central food production factories, laundries, mixed use buildings, and industrial facilities.

John A. Herbert energy saving consultant

We are able to undertake the wide range of projects because we have building operation knowledge that includes air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, power, hot water, steam, boiler plant, heating, compressed air, and industrial process systems which other firms cannot provide.

John A. Herbert energy saving consultant

With decades of experience in Asia we have the track record to identify building problems, and find those important opportunities that reduce your energy consumption, lower your energy costs, and also providing a key competitive advantage for your business.

Regional Knowledge

energyLAB serves organisations across Asia, including Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

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