Carbon Neutrality

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If your business is exposed to the global customers and audience you are probably under pressure to reduce your carbon, if not completely eliminate your carbon consumption.  Therefore more organisations have already adopted carbon neutrality as a near future goal.

energyLAB’s experts help your organisation, by providing independent third party advice, energy audits, energy management strategy, certification, and carbon reduction services for your organisation.

What is Carbon Neutrality?

Organisations inventory their carbon emissions, can then balance their  released carbon with an equivalent quantity through  sequestering, offsetting, or buying carbon credits to make up the difference, so the organsation has a neutral carbon liability.


Carbon Reduction – The first strategy for any organisation adopting carbon neutrality roadmap must be first to measure and then reduce released carbon, and therefore reducing the quantity of offset needed.  Our carbon reduction strategies lowering your energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Call energyLAB today to reduce your carbon emission, and independently certify your carbon neutrality.