Carbon Audit

Carbon Audit

by John A. Herbert

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The carbon audit is the first step, its the scientific means to quantify your annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  It can also be used to verify that any Carbon reduction claim in terms of emissions or enhancements of carbon sinks. It reports your greenhouse gas emissions per year using a set of standard protocols.
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The Process

Our auditor will visit your operation and gain an understanding of your business. The information gathered allows us to benchmark your current Carbon Footprint.  The deliverable, the energyLAB audit report, that identifies your present footprint and possible reductions in your Carbon emissions which may lead to actual cash savings.

Commission a Carbon Audit

A carbon analyst will visit your business to calculate your carbon footprint in accordance with one of the major protocols.  A major benefit from good environmental practice is that it reduces the cost of running your business, often offsetting the cost of the audit, and reducing your future operating costs.

Reduce your levels of CO2

energyLAB’s Carbon Audit report does more than merely report past history, it includes with practical tried and tested steps to reduce your CO2 emissions. We will identify potential cash savings through cost effective Carbon reduction strategies. Using our extensive experience, we help your management team create and implement a customised action plan to reduce your energy and carbon emissions.

Carbon Audit Standards

We recommend that organisations having operations in Hong Kong to be audited in accordance with the Hong Kong Government Standard. Organisations with international operations should be audited in accordance with ISO standard 14064, or the GHG protocol, dependant upon their overseas business operations.

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Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is your annual carbon emission, it is calculated based on data you provide to our carbon analyst.

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