Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

John A Herbert Registered Energy Assessor

John is a Hong Kong registered energy assessor (REA)

Registered Energy Assessor John A Herbert explains building energy efficiency options.

An energy audit is just the first step, the main course is capitalizing and converting potential into cost and energy reductions. Our experience is unsurpassed, our registered energy assessor uncovered cost savings that impact your bottom-line.


Join the success a project, where no savings were thought possible REA John Herbert found $1 million/year cost savings for five star hotel in Shanghai, China. ┬áIndeed many of the cost and energy savings didn’t require upfront capital investment.

registered energy assessor

Not every project is new chillers, for a project in Hong Kong, John uncovered $600,000 per year cost saving, without the need for any capital investment.

Every Watt Counts

— John A. Herbert