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energyLAB energy consultants provides a full range of consulting services to help reduce your energy costs and consumption – that results in lowering environmental impact.

Improving the energy efficiency for your facility and your operations is the fastest, and most cost effective first step towards achieving sustainability. Energy efficiency helps control your rising energy costs, reduces your carbon footprint, and adds value to your operations.

We have already audited millions of square footage in Asia. Our project references include Shopping centres, commercial buildings, hotels, retail shops, and a private members Club in Hong Kong and China.

We identify the opportunities to lower costs without impacting operations, essential in competitive business sectors.

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Engineering biased with decades of international experience energyLAB has both the skills need and resources to implement energy projects, putting the energy audit report to work for your business.

Need Help With Your Energy Bills?

If you are seeking an internationally experienced firm, backed with decades of experience and trusted by listed and multi-national corporations then energyLAB is the right choice.

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Through smart energy management and conservation strategies, based on more than twenty years of solid engineering knowledge we advise organisations how to lower costs through reduction of wasted energy, and energy operating expenses.

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energyLAB founder

energyLAB Limited was registered in Hong Kong in 2009, founded by Mr John A. Herbert.  He is energyLAB’s Chief Energy Efficiency Officer.

John Herbert energyLAB sustainability auditor

His track record has demonstrated cost effective, and innovative solutions for tracking down waste energy to reduce your operating expense, and carbon footprint for clients across Asia.

John activity participates in the energy and green building community, he presently holds the following positions:

  1. Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (USA)
  2. Member of Association of Energy Engineers Hong Kong
  3. Vice Chairman at HAESCO (Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies –
  4. Founding Director of HAESCO (Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies –
  5. Chairman of HKSDF – Hong Kong Sustainable Development Forum
  6. Member of Hong Kong Green Building Council founding steering committee
  7. Member of Hong Kong Green building Council –
  8. Member of BEAM Hong Kong,hk
  9. Member of USGBC US Green Building Council
  10. Member of Hong Kong Building Energy Efficiency Code – air conditioning Committee
  11. Member of Greenhouse Gas GHG Professionals network

speaking and advocacy engagements


Director John Herbert’s is a sustainability authority, his last speaking engagement was on 4 December 2009 energy seminars, and expert panel held at the Inno Design Tech conference in Hong Kong.   Mr Herbert also appeared as a member of the expert panel at the Green Building Asia conference held on 7-9 July 2009.

Carbon Audit Green Partner

energyLAB limited is a Carbon Audit Green Partner, part of the Hong Kong Governments cleaner environment programme.

Legal Disclaimer

This website is provided for general information only, it does not create or imply any type of warranty or contract between yourself and energyLAB Limited.  Always consult a professional for advice.

energylab energy carbon consultant saving hong kong Asia能源顧問有限公司 公司簡介

能源顧問有限公司是一所最有效在設備和操作上提高能源效率的公司,同時,亦是最具成本效益達至公司的穩定性。能源效率有助控制能源成本的上升,減少自己的碳足跡,並能加強交易買賣的價值。 能源效率意指獲取每一個能源,水和資源最大的單位用在操作上。使我們能用資源滿足自己的需要時又不會影響人類下一代未來。


能源顧問有限公司 是一所在中國香港領先的能源管理顧問。 我們的團隊制訂一套創新的方案, 在亞洲區已協助不同企業降低營運成本。 如果你正在尋找一間國際性而富有經驗的公司為你解決難題, 能源顧問有限公司 將會是你的首選。 原因是在它在過往的訴訟記錄中,均沒有任何本地或跨國公司投訴它的可信性及可靠性。



電話: +(852) 2335 9830
傅真: +(852) 2335 9862

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能源顧問有限公司成立於香港2009年, 創始者 Mr. John Herbert.  他乃是能源顧問公司的CEEO(首席能源效率幹事)。他過去的歷程記錄充分表現了他如何利用簡單的成本效益和創新的解決方法,為亞洲客戶減少營運開支和碳足跡 。


John 活躍參與社會活動;他目前擔任以下職務:
1. HAESCO副主席(香港能源服務協會)
2. HAESCO會員 (香港能源服務協會)
3. HAESCO執行主任(香港能源服務協會)
4. HKSDF主席(香港可持續發展論壇)
5. HKBEAM執行委員會成員( – )
6. 能源工程師恊會會員(美國))
7. USGBC會員(美國綠色建築委員會)
8. 香港建築物能源效益守則空調工作組
9. 香港綠色建築指導委員會
10. 溫室氣體的專業網絡



john herbert energy buildings presentation, haesco
John Herbert 下一次演講將會於香港2009年7月7日至9日舉行


此網站提供的信息只作一般用途使用; 它不存在或暗示任何形式的閣下與能源實驗室有限公司接觸。如需獲取專業具體意見,請與專業人士聯絡。

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