EMSD Energy Audit

by John. A. Herbert, REA

EnergyLAB in Hong Kong provides professional and comprehensive energy audit services complete with all the certification and official documentation required under the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (cap 610) of Hong Kong.

Following the the Ordinance, including Building Energy Code (BEC), Energy Audit Code (EAC) and Energy Audit, you need Registered Energy Assessor (REA) to conduct EMSD energy audits, and identifies opportunities to lower your energy expenses. Only a REA can submit the completed energy audit reports, statutory forms to EMSD.  And we have one of the most experienced energy auditors in Hong Kong, having years of experience in different sectors, long before the BEEO commenced in Hong Kong.

Based on the results of the energy audits carried out, our REA prepares and submits the audit reports, your Energy Utilization Index and  the official Energy Audit Form (for display at the building entrance). The report will offer recommendations, energy management opportunities that you can capitalize upon, to achieve long-term financial savings, and sustainability benefits.

EMSD energy audit, Hong Kong, John Herbert, REA

EnergyLAB is one of the few Building Services experts in Hong Kong authorised to issue EMSD Energy Audit Certificate to building owners who have undergone the EMSD audit process.

Our REA john A. Herbert, has the engineering knowledge and international experience to conduct detailed energy audits, offering cost effective energy solutions for your building, including advice for energy improvements, upgrades, retrofits, and renovation projects, all tailored to lower your energy costs. He has conducted energy audits in Hong Kong, and China, the latter including an international hotel located in Shanghai.

Beyond the EMSD requirements, we often find additional EMO’s (Energy Management Opportunity) to lower your costs, and reduce the environmental impact. Call the energy expert today!

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