The Building Owner is liable for compliance

Registered Energy Assessor for Hong Kong buildings
Registered Energy Assessor for Hong Kong buildings

If the architect, designer, BEAM consultant or contractor is telling you that your 500 sqm renovation/refurbishment project does not need BEEO certification, stop, and call us. In Hong Kong, the architect/designer/contractor has no liability for CAp 610 compliance, since 2012 it is the OWNER who is responsible for compliance with Cap 610. Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance, also known as BEEO.

Naturally, the OWNER is responsible, which means he or she is accountable and wholly liable for consequences which could be jail time and/or a fine.

Trying to split a project into two x 300 sqm projects doesn’t help, EMSD views the project as one 600sqm project.

Importantly, renovation/refurbishment project(s) with a floor area over 500 sqm requires a Registered Energy Assessor (REA) to inspect the works within 30 days of occupation and return the signed form of compliance to EMSD.

Also, remember that EMSD will check, they randomly pick projects for on-site verification.

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BEC 2018 active 2019

BEC 2018 version

The latest version of the EMSD Building Energy Code (BEC) 2018 became effective in May 2019 for construction submissions.

For a comparison between the BEC 2015 and 2018 versions check out this article

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energy costs

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2015 was the hottest year on record so far, so without reading your bill we know the result, your energy bills were higher than before if you used air conditioning, because air conditioning is the largest portion of energy usage in Hong Kong.

hong kong energy audit
credit: Hong Kong Observatory website 2 June 2016

Today, the Hong Kong Observatory has issued the hot weather warning, the air temperature is over 30 deg C across Hong Kong. And commentators are predicting that 2016 will be hotter than 2015, in that event, your 2016 energy bills will be higher too.

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energy audit temperatures
credit: Hong Kong Observatory website 2 June 2016

When is the best time of year to conduct an energy audit?

In Hong Kong, it is summer, and June is the peak month (refer chart above) because the building and engineering equipment will be stressed, coping with the summer heat and humidity, which cant be witnessed during the winter months.

thermal scan hong kong

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