BEC 2018 active 2019

BEC 2018 version

The latest version of the EMSD Building Energy Code (BEC) 2018 became effective in May 2019 for construction submissions.

For a comparison between the BEC 2015 and 2018 versions check out this article

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Building Approval Process CoCR


by John A. Herbert

How to comply with BEEO ordinance for new construction?

To build in Hong Kong you will need to follow the traditional BD submission format, and also fulfil the mandatory requirements detail in the Building Energy Code.  How does that impact the construction process?

The Owner must engage a EMSD Registered Energy Assessor (REA) to complete and issue EMSD Form EE1 also known as Stage 1 Certificate of Compliance Registration (COCR), and also EMSD form EE2 known as Stage 2 COCR.

When does CoCR need to be issued?

Stage 1 COCR must be submitted within two months after obtaining BD consent. For Stage 2 COCR, that must be submitted within four months after obtaining BD Occupation permit.

further details are provided on the EMSD website.


Lighting levels Lux

by John A. Herbert

Lighting provides good opportunities to lower costs without impacting the building operation. The BEC 2012 provide guidance for the lighting power density for new build, and most existing buildings exceed this guidance.

lighting installation cost savings

We find external lights burning during the day, unoccupied rooms with lights switched on all day, the difference is that our fresh look identifies cost savings that your staff accept as the status quo. Technology has advanced, with new occupancy and daylight sensors, coupled with dimmer racks, and controls lower the electricity consumption and your carbon footprint.

energylab lighting upgrades by design, John Herbert

Above: Hidden T8 Lamps, Get a ladder to find out what type of lamps are hidden in the ceiling.