Building Tuning

building tuning to lower operating costs and reduce resources

Although times have changed many of the systems essential for the occupation of our buildings have never been updated, or adjusted – would your run your vehicle without a tune up?  Its the same for buildings except the energy costs are 100 times more!   Overtime the systems occupants rely upon for comfort start to wear, and functions change,  it is a continuous process so too must the building systems adapt.

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energy consultant energyLAB at MICEF 2011

At energyLAB, our experts have uncovered  lost capacity and wasted energy helping to lower building operating costs. Behind the exotic glass exteriors we delve into the back of house we uncovered the real story, pumps that run 24/7,  entire air conditioning systems operating when the building is unoccupied, over-sized pumps, night time security lights burning energy during daylight hours, plus and many other opportunities to reduce building energy waste and right-size the systems to suit today’s operation.

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energyLAB’s building tuning service restores balance, so the engineering systems meet the needs of the occupants whilst optimising the use of energy.

John A. Herbert, energy consultant

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