Capturing lost electricity capacity in your factory or manufacturing facility

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Capturing factory/manufacturing electrical power capacity recovery is cost efficient

Successful manufacturing business’s often outgrow the installed electrical power capacity in large facilities, those transformers that seemed ‘plenty big’ at the design stage are now fully loaded, and you face extra costs, production disruption to expand your operations.

Help is at hand, before you embark upon that expensive upgrading programme, first call energyLAB experts, we can help your business, we would conduct a feasibility study, using the same skill set we employ to conduct energy audits, to identify waste within your existing plant, releasing that lost electrical capacity for the new line, latest equipment, etc.

We have the latest tools at our finger tips, and the knowledge gained over decades, to identify all the opportunities.

energyLAB infra-red imager

energyLAB infra-red imagery in action

The benefits are clear, using the existing electrical services infrastructure will be far cheaper, and saving time compared to installing new transformers and the associated utility, metering, MV and LV distribution boards, and cabling required to upgrade. You can visit Utility Saving Expert, to see how you can make your electric bill cheaper. There are commercial considerations too, where time, and time to to market is important for you, speed is key.  We can capture any lost capacity in your electrical system significantly faster than the time needed to plan and install new transformers rooms, transformers, utility feeds, etc. etc. and you’ll beat the competitors hands down!

In studies we have identified a variety of fixes, including electric meters that were still connected, but not actually used!

How it Works

energyLAB would send an engineer to review your facility, examining the electrical distribution network from the energy saving perspective, our feasibility study provides a roadmap to recover lost capacity.

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by John A. Herbert


About John Herbert, REA

John has with more than 30 years of engineering experience gained across three continents and he is Registered Energy Assessor REA.
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