5% Energy Reduction by 2020 HKSAR Policy Address


The Hong Kong Government hinted at the end of 2014 about energy savings, in today’s policy address (14 Jan 2015) a five percent (5%) energy reduction for government buildings, over the next five years (2020) was promised. It is a landmark in the development of energy conservation in Hong Kong because typically government buildings were granted what was formerly known as Crown immunity, an exemption from those tawdry requirements for the masses, and today that changed.

Here is the abstract:

176. Today I also announce that the Government is setting a new target of achieving a 5% saving in electricity consumption for government buildings under comparable operating conditions in the coming five years. Energy audits will be conducted for major government buildings to identify opportunities to enhance energy-saving performance and green building measures. The Government will work with stakeholders and public and private organisations to further foster a low-carbon and livable built environment to reduce Hong Kong’ overall electricity demand.


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