Beyond Energy

by John A. Herbert
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Infra-red thermography provides the opportunity to explore beyond a visual inspection, it supports preventive maintenance and energy efficiency. However it only one tool of many tools energy auditors need to be able to conduct a useful energy audit.

ir thermal camera analysis
If you ever doubted that lighting is inefficient this next image shows the real story, you cannot see it with the naked eye, but the imagery clearly reveals the hidden secret, the red coloured area is the hottest part of the lamp, the heat generated from this CF type lamp.

infra red image energylab copyright








— John Herbert

About John A. Herbert, REA, energy consultant, BEAM Pro

John is director of energyLAB energy consultants firm, he has with more than 30 years engineering experience gained across three continents. He is Registered Energy Assessor, a member of HKAEE. Read his blog at
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