Will Hong Kong finally ban Incandescent Light Bulbs?

sale of incandescent lamp bulb restriction Hong Kong

This is your chance to add your voice to the ban the bulb debate!  The estimated annual electricity consumption for non-reflector type Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB) meaning GLS lamps, candle shape, fancy round and other decorative lamps, and tungsten halogen lamps is a staggering 900 GWh (2008) that is equivalent to approx. 2% of Hong Kong’s total electricity consumption.  The Hong Kong Government’s public consultation paper closes on 11 November 2011.

Here is link to download the consultation paper which outlines the Government’s proposal to restrict energy-inefficient incandescent lamps.  It is boiled down for easy consumption, in to three key questions:

1. Should Hong Kong restrict the supply of energy-inefficient Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB) by mandatory scheme, voluntary measures or leaving it to market forces?

2. What types of Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB) should be restricted if a mandatory scheme is introduced to restrict the supply of ILB?

3. Should Hong Kong adopt the MEPS approach in phasing out Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB)?

Have your say before the deadline 11 Nov. 2011 deadline.

Will Hong Kong join the growing list, Australia and Europe? It’s difficult to judge, some types of decorative incandescent lamps are very popular here, and with no viable CF alternative, perhaps LED will provide the alternative? Banning the all type of Incandescent lamp may just open the door for alternative sources from across the border. As noted previously although Hong Kong is small place,yet it is without the means the handle mass fluorescent lamp disposal.

It also interesting that this consultation has been conducted by the Environmental Bureau, and no word from friends at EMSD.

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