Carbon Tax Downunder

The Australian News is flooded with the senates decision to apply a tax on Carbon, pundits rail for and against, but accountable carbon is leading the way for consumers to pay the true cost of using limited resources.  A $23-a-tonne price will be imposed on about 500 businesses, the biggest polluters starting from July 2012, to be followed with a carbon trading scheme.

The carbon exchange rate, known as the emission factor varies depending on the fuel mix used, which varies between the different territories for the worst case Victoria the power generation emission factor is 1.23  (source National GreenhouseGas Account  Factors)  due the the larger proportion of coal fired power generation plants in Australia is significantly higher than Hong Kong’s 0.7 emission factor.

A small business in Victoria lets say uses 200,000 KWH of electricity per year, she would need to pay an extra carbon tax of approx. $ 5658 per year,  or put it another way, a 13.2% increase.  The key question will the increased cost provide sufficient financial incentive to encourage improved energy efficiency? Certainly, and any large businesses that hasn’t yet engaged an energy consultant they had better issue that RFP asap!

— John Herbert, Consultant, EnergyLAB

About John Herbert, REA

John has with more than 30 years of engineering experience gained across three continents and he is Registered Energy Assessor REA.
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