False Economy

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At some point in time you might be advised (not by energyLAB) to lower your water distribution and storage temperature for domestic hot water service – DO NOT lower the water temperature below 60 DegC – whatever promises and assurances are offer, its a false economy.

Devastation is caused by a microbe called Legionella.  Discovered in 1976, it is a potentially deadly bacteria found in natural water courses, lakes and streams, and Legionella can flourish in building water systems, given the right conditions it breeds rapidly infecting the entire systems.  If atomised in showers, cooling towers,  fountains and other devices – there is a risk of human infection causing a severe type of pneumonia known as Legionnaires Disease.

The inexperienced often make recommendations to lower the hot water storage and distribution temperature unaware of the potentially deadly consequences.

John Herbert
energyLAB Limited

About John Herbert, REA

John has with more than 30 years of engineering experience gained across three continents and he is Registered Energy Assessor REA.
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