Cooling towers can save your energy costs

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Air Conditioning systems in tropical regions for example, Hong Kong, South China, and Singapore burn the lions share of the energy budget, equally there are opportunities to lower the cost of doing business.  Here in Hong Kong, more than 32% of all the electricity generated powers this demand for air conditioning systems to keep building occupants cool during the hot and humid summer months, and buildings account for 63% of Hong Kong’s carbon footprint.

If your Hong Kong facility has an existing air-cooled chiller plant, and it is nearing the end of its useful life converting to a water based cooling system using cooling towers provides significant cost savings, but also provides another number of related benefits including lower noise levels, recovered plant room space, etc. The minimised sound levels lend an aura akin to serenity to the place; something which can be attributed to the use of an acoustical sealant like greenglue sealant.

Cooling Tower and Operations

It is import to remember that you need to conduct regular maintenance to kept your new cooling towers operating at peak performance.  Controlling the water quality and bacteria are critical to success.

Missing the Business Risk?

Imagine for a moment that your major competitor has already hired energyLAB as their energy consultant, and they are already enjoying the benefits of lower operating costs, coupled with lower environmental impact.  I imagine they would sing that achievement from the roof top because  most people prefer working with greener businesses, perhaps they have already gained new customers.

Customers don’t always act in the way one expects, and businesses that differentiate themselves in the noise of the market perform better.

Studies prove that companies that have active energy policies, conduct energy audits and act on the results out perform their peers on the stock market. Why? because shareholder recognize  the extra value the management team adds by considering the future business environment. Many of today;s voluntary schemes will become compulsory, and if you are already on the track your competitors will find it very difficult, and will always be behind trying to catch the leader.

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John has with more than 30 years of engineering experience gained across three continents and he is Registered Energy Assessor REA.
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